Hello. I'm interested in artificiial intelligence, software architecture, neuro it and political discussions. I also have a lot of fun plying computer games, reading fantasy and science-fiction books, creating origami oder similar stuff from papier maché, talking about politics or related topics, watching cool movies, staying at nice places, swimming, jogging, listening to good music, cooking tasty food, reading comics.

At the moment I try to do a phd at the university of Würzburg in computer science in the field of knowledge extraction from plain texts. In my project I try different approaches (but mainly conditional random fields) to extract information from medical discharge summaries.

Furthermore I am interested in the processing of natural language (NLP). With NLP I mean stuff like using part of speech tagger, syntax parsing and shallow semantic parsing.

Some years before I worked at the Fraunhoferinstitut IGD in Darmstadt in the Conweaver department in which I helped creating a pretty cool software with which you can process large amounts of data extremly efficiently and feed it easily into a semantic network.

Who wants to know what interests me in the field of artificial neural networks: recurrent networks, operating robots with NN, model prediction with NN, modular combination of NN

In the black art of computer science I have humble knowledge in: C#, Java, Smalltalk, SQL, Eclipse, Neo4J, Gremlin, Mallet, C++, Eclipse, Windows, POI, Apache Webserver, TextMarker, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Photoshop, HTML, Matlab, probabilistic models, Android