In school I had special field art. That was fun. This lamp was my final exam piece of work in object design (a lamp, papier maché, white paint)

Frozen in Carbonit (papier maché and water paint)
a bird cyborg (a stone, a bird skelleton which I found in my parents garden, parts from a 5,1/4' floppy disc)
the lumberjacks accident(IKEA play dough)
a snail (papier maché, wax, paint, a dolls eye, a sea shell)
drawn into the swamp(wood, papier maché, paint)
a troll (wood, papier maché, paint, astro turf, a doe skull)
a meat tank (papier maché, a sea shell, eletronic garbage)
a church window dragon (coloured paper, black paper)
a hand tree (papier maché, wood, paint)


a friend also likes to create things, she has her grandfathers eyes...
an eye mirror
a fish in a bowl


a roommate from Darmstadt also made stuff in memory of the good ol' time with a C64
the robot from Impossible Mission



A friend's mother painted really great, big paintings



an old fried from Frankfurt also made nice things
a subway